Having already a well defined and recognized style, Industrial Wash and its specialists, will continue giving their best on stressing the accuracy of each detail and keeping every client satisfied.
For us, creativity is a very important issue.
At Industrial Wash, fabrics and clothing items are brought to live with the help of colours, finishing techniques and outstanding effects....
The new production space, with a surface of 4,000 square meters, located at 6 Km, outside Brasov, on the Industrial Platform of Prejmer. This Platform was created following the high standards of European Union, and now is hosting other prestigious companies, being one of the most performing platforms of Romania... New technological equipments, at European standards.
Industrial Wash, present in Romania since 1996, was a part of Freshtex International Textile Service GmbH Germany Group. Textile finishing national leader , the company had stopped the activity in June 2007.
On 1st of September 2009 the Company was relaunched in a new location on the Industrial Platform of Prejmer, no.7, Paris street.

Platform of Prejmer,
no.7, Paris street,

Phone /Fax / E-mail:
+(4)0268540386, +(4)0268542405